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Arkansas Insurance Department

News Releases
Insurance Department Issues Rule on External Review (12-09-11)
State-run Health Insurance Exchange No Longer an Option (12-02-11)
Consumer Alert: New Autism Coverage Requirements (11-18-11)
Local High School Students to Assist Medicare Beneficiaries (10-21-11)
Health Summit to Explore Health Exchange Development (10-6-11)
Community Forum on Health Insurance Options to be Held in Fayetteville (7-26-11)
Insurance Department Issues Premium Moratorium for Policyholders in Storm Impacted Areas (5-6-11)
Bradford Appointed to National Research Board (3-30-11)
Insurance Department Deputy Commissioner Honored (3-30-11)
Man Sentenced to Two Three-year Prison Terms for Insurance Fraud (3-2-11)
 Cynthia Crone Selected to Direct Planning for Health Exchange (12-13-10)
Nicholas to Lead Rate Review Efforts (12-8-10)
Four Agencies Join AARP for Batesville Town Hall Meeting (10-4-10)
Insurance Department Cracking Down on Counterfeit Insurance Cards (9-24-10)
Application for Coverage In New Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan Begins August 1, 2010 (7-20-10)
Insurance Department Provides Medicare Assistance (7-8-10)
Consumers Scammed by Unlicensed Insurer Face Claim Deadline (7-8-10)
Insurance Department Provides Medicare Assistance (6-2-10)
Four Agencies Join AARP for Magnolia Town Hall Meeting (5-4-10)
Insurance Department Welcomes John Morris (4-23-10)
Nicholas Named Special Projects Director at Insurance Department (4-23-10)
Four Agencies John AARP for Harrison Town Hall Meeting (4-21-10)
Consumer Alert: Suspension Order Filed Against Company Marketing Fraudulent Insurance Products (2-22-10)
Group Health Continuation Subsidy Signed Into Law (1-6-10)

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