Before issuing a group accident and health insurance policy to an association, the association or its insurer on behalf of the association, must file with the Department proof that the association is a qualified group under Arkansas Code Annotated § 23-86- 106(2)(A). Approval of the association as a qualified group for insurance purposes will be determined upon receipt of the following information: 1. Name and address of the association. 2. The products that will be sold to the association. If the issuer will be selling previously approved forms, please give the SERFF tracking number and approval date of each product. 3. Certification that there are at least 100 members at the time of filing the association for approval with the Department. 4. A copy of the association's Articles of Incorporation and By Laws. Please provide responses to the following questions in your filing submission: 1. Is there a current office in Arkansas? 2. Does the Arkansas part of the organization have any officers, committees, or chapters? If so, give details. 3. Are annual dues charged? If so, specify amount. 4. What are the specific activities of the association? 5. What benefits are provided to the members in addition to insurance? ATTACH BROCHURES ON THE ASSOCIATION WHICH OUTLINES THE ADDITIONAL BENEFITS. 6. What qualifies an individual for membership? 7. How are members recruited? If by mailing list, advise the source of this list. 8. Does the association receive any compensation of any kind from the insurer issuing contracts to its members?  If so, the association cannot be approved.  See 23-86-106(2)(E). Please note that certificates issued in Arkansas must comply with Arkansas law. See 23-79-109(a)(1)(C)(2)(3).

For more information, contact Donna Lambert at (501) 371-2770.

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