ARRUA Annual Assessment Bulletin – Arkansas Code Annotated § 23-88-306(d), provides that members of the Arkansas Rural Risk Underwriting Association may be assessed an amount not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00) annually, if needed, for expenses of mailing volunteer fire department renewal subscription notices (due December 31st if needed).  (Arkansas Code) Arkansas Rural Risk Underwriting Association (ARRUA Form Due Annually, March 1st) It is suggested you use Google Chrome to complete this online form. Earthquake Market Analysis (Due Annually, April 1) Medical Malpractice Report Due Annually to Legislature Consumer Credit and Credit Scoring Report (Due Annually, March 31st) See A.C.A. 23-67-415 (Arkansas Code) and Bulletin 14-2004 for details. Email the Excel spreadsheet report form as an attachment to or Act 1345 County Fire Loss Annual Report (This report is no longer required; repealed by Act 1210 of 2015.)
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