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The Prepaid Funeral Division, a section of the Finance Division, reviews prepaid funeral contracts to ensure compliance with Acts 852 of 1995, 372 of 1997, 1249 of 1999 ad 1043 of 2001. The review process includes examination of active and matured prepaid funeral contracts, on-site financial examinations of the licensees’ trust funds and custodial accounts, review of licensees’ annual reports and written and oral responses to consumers’ inquiries and complaints. Legal/Regulatory References - Prepaid Funeral Benefits Law Arkansas Prepaid Funeral Benefits Law (A.C.A. § 23-40-101 et seq.) Rule 63 - Preneed Insurance Replacement and Prepaid Funeral Benefits Contract Cancellation Requirements Rule 84 - Prepaid Funeral Benefits Contracts Recovery Fund Fees Annual Report Recap 2015 2014 2013 2017 Report Filing Deadlines Annual Report Forms & Instructions AID-FI-AR2016 2016 Annual Report Form (Consolidated format) January 1 through December 31st 2016 Annual Report Completion Instructions  Quarterly Report Forms & Instructions AID-FI-QTRLY (2016Q4) 4th Quarter 2016 (10/01/16 - 12/31/16) AID-FI-QTRLY (2017Q1) 1st Quarter 2017 (01/01/17 - 03/31/17) AID-FI-QTRLY (2017Q2) 2nd Quarter 2017 (04/01/17 - 06/30/17) AID-FI-QTRLY (2017Q3) 3rd Quarter 2017 (07/01/17 - 09/30/17) AID-FI-QTRLY (2017Q4) 4th Quarter 2017 (10/01/17 - 12/31/17) Prepaid Contract Cancellation/Transfer Forms AID-FI-C1 Seller’s Affidavit of Contract Performance: Request to Withdraw Funds or Proceeds AID-FI-C2 Seller’s affidavit for Cancellation and Cash Surrender or Re- Assignment of Prepaid Funeral Benefits Contract Proceeds AID-FI-C3 Affidavit and Request of Purchaser to Cancel a Prepaid Funeral Benefits Contract Appendix A Important Notice: Replacement of Life Insurance or Annuities Appendix B Important Notice: Replacement of Prepaid Funeral Benefit Contracts Initial Prepaid Funeral Benefits License Application Forms AID-FI-F1 Application for a Prepaid Funeral Benefits License AID-FI-F3 Agreement to Hold, Invest & Administer Prepaid Funeral Benefits Trust  (a.k.a. Trust Agreement) AID-FI-F4 Certification of Net Worth by Applicant for Initial or Renewed License AID-FI-F5 Applicant’s Afficavit of No Existing Prepaid Funeral Contracts AID-FI-CA Custodial Agreement Renewal Application Forms AID-FI-F2 Application for Renewal of a Prepaid Funeral Benefits License AID-FI-F4 Certification of Net Worth by Applicant for Initial or Renewed License Change of Ownership Application Forms AID-FI-F6 Application for Change of Ownership of Prepaid Funeral Benefits Contracts and Funds AID-FI-F7 Assignment and Acceptance of Prepaid Funeral Benefits Contracts and Trust Funds AID-FI-F8 Transferee's certification of Net Worth in a Change of Ownership Transaction Transfer of Trust Funds Application Forms AID-FI-F9 Application to Transfer Trust Funds AID-FI-F3 Agreement to Hold, Invest & Administer Prepaid Funeral Benefits Trust (a.k.a. Trust  Agreement) Prepaid Recovery Program Claim Form AID-FI-PRA Prepaid Recovery Program Fund Application for Reimbursement
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