Arkansas requires that all Life & Health forms be approved prior to use in this State. This includes certificates to be used in Arkansas, even though the group policy may be issued in another state. Rates for individual accident and health coverage, individual life contracts with non-guaranteed cost factors and individual and group credit life and health must be filed for approval. Advertising for Medicare supplement coverage and long term care coverage must be approved prior to use. The Department has 30 days after a form, rate or advertising submission is received by our Department to either approve or disapprove the submission. If the Commissioner determines that additional information is needed to make a decision regarding approval, such request for information will be made to the company. The filing will not be considered complete until said additional information is received. The time periods set forth in Ark. Code Ann. § 23-79- 109(b)(1)-(5) will not begin to run until the filing is complete. If we approve or fail to disapprove or exercise the additional review period within 30 days after the submission is (complete), the forms may be used without further action on the part of the submitting company. If we disapprove a submission, we will provide written notice to the submitting company stating the reason for disapproval.
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