The Risk Management Division (RISK) was established by Act No. 272 of 1981, to provide insurance services for State of Arkansas Offices, Boards, Commissions, Agencies, Departments, and Public Institutions of Higher Education; as well as, Arkansas Public School Districts. The statutory mission of RISK is to reduce the cost of insurance and establish standardized specifications of insurance coverage pertaining to property insurance, casualty insurance, and fidelity bond coverage for participating State Agency and Public School District Entities, in an efficient and cost effective manner; while also providing exceptional insurance coverage provisions, provide loss prevention inspection recommendations, and provide for fair claim service. Currently, RISK administers six insurance plans through three Treasury Trust Funds. The Division provides an extensive variety of services at no additional cost to participating entities, including but not limited to: production underwriting building and appraisal services, building loss prevention and claim mitigation inspection report services, advanced driver training instruction, State of Arkansas Vehicle Safety Program, insurance advisory and consultation services, insurance requirement contract review assistance, data management of building and auto schedules, procurement renewal services, financial allocation and claim data management, and other general insurance advisory and assistance needs.

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