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Arkansas Code Ann. Sec. 23-73-101 thru 23-73-123 - Laws concerning Farmers Mutual Aid Associations

Department Contact Information:

Agent Licensing: Agents shall be licensed & issued a limited line license in accordance with §23-64-101

Statutory Deposit: Malisa Landers, Securities Administrator, 501-371-2679

Premium Tax Forms: Accounting Division, 501-371-2605

Rule 56, Companies Financial Regulation Fee (CFRF), required annually, due by June 1st each year.

AntiFraud Assessment

Insurance companies licensed in the State of Arkansas must submit an antifraud plan pursuant to the antifraud initiative requirements of [A.C.A. §23-66-510 (a)]. Antifraud Initiative Requirements Rule 66.]

Anti-Fraud Requirement

An assessment to support the Criminal Investigation Division is collected annually. The Insurance Commissioner has established an antifraud assessment schedule pursuant to [A.C.A. §23-100-104]. [See also, Rule No. 5] The assessment is based upon the direct premium and/or annuity consideration written or renewed from or in the State of Arkansas during the previous calendar year. The antifraud assessment form and instructions are available online. [A.C.A. 23-100-101 through 107].

Required Reports Property and Casualty Division, 501-371-2800

  • Arkansas Rural Risk Underwriting Assessment
  • Earthquake Market analysis report, if they write earthquake (Due 4/1)

Discontinued Forms (No longer required):

  • County Fire Loss Annual Report- Last time report was required to be filed was on 6/1/2015Credit Scoring Report- Due 3/31
  • Credit Scoring Report - Last time report to be filed was on 3/31/2018

Required Financial Filings, Contact Finance Division, 501-371-2665

Annual Statement Form- Revised Jan. 2012 and Securities Affidavit Form