Association Captive - Insures risks of the member organizations of the association and their affiliated companies.

Branch Captive - Licensed to transact insurance through a business unit with a principal place of business in Arkansas, and operating as a pure captive insurance company with respect to operations.

Industrial Insured Captive - Insures risks of the industrial insureds of an industrial insured group or a risk retention group.

Producer Reinsurance Captive - Is wholly owned by a resident licensed insurance producer and that acts only as a reinsurer for risks written by or placed through its parent or an affiliate of its parent. It may establish one or more protected cells.

Pure Captive - Insures risks of its parent and affiliated companies or controlled unaffiliated business.

Sponsored Captive- Insures the risks of separate participants through the contract; and that segregates each participant's liability through one (1) or more protected cells.

Special Purpose Captive - Does not meet the definition of any other type of captive insurance company

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