Kerr New Market Actions Working Group Chair

Kerr: MAWG Membership helps AID fulfill consumer protection mission

LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Allen Kerr today released the following statement after taking over as Chairman of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) Market Actions (D) Working Group (MAWG) for 2018:

“Since becoming Commissioner in 2015, I have focused on improving the Arkansas Insurance Department’s market conduct efforts to the benefit of Arkansas consumers.  I am proud that AID was selected to join the MAWG for 2017, and am proud to take over as chairman for 2018 where I will maintain a focus on communication and collaboration among states in the best tradition of the state-based insurance regulation system we have in the United States.”

About the Market Actions (D) Working Group
The Market Actions Working Group (MAWG) consists of a diverse and geographically balanced membership of the top Market Conduct Regulators in the country. Through review, analysis and a national submission process, insurance companies are identified that are exhibiting current or potential market regulatory issues of national impact. In addition, reviews may be undertaken for companies or issues that reach a certain mass of regulatory activity or interest. Membership then facilitates the efficient communication, collaboration, and coordination of the use of a broad continuum of regulatory responses among states to address the regulatory issue in the most expedient manner possible.

The Working Group provides regulator only forums where all jurisdictions are able to engage in a free exchange of market conduct information. These forums enhance state based regulation by reducing duplicative efforts and promoting efficiencies which ensure that market issues are adequately addressed whenever and wherever they occur. Membership also provides expertise and guidance to collaborative actions addressing issues that impact only a small number of states.

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