How to File a Complaint

To file a complaint, you may use the Electronic Complaint Form listed below or print a complaint form and mail or fax it to us, or you may call us and request a complaint form at (800) 852-5494 or (501) 371-2640, or write us and request a Complaint form at:

Arkansas Insurance Department

Consumer Services Division

1200 West Third Street

Little Rock, AR 72201-1904

Regardless of how you file a complaint, the following information must be included with your complaint.

  • Name, address, and telephone number of person filing the complaint

  • Name of the insurance company

  • Name of person insured

  • Policy number and Claim number (if applicable)

  • Agent or Adjuster's name

  • Date of occurrence

  • A brief description of why the complaint is being file

Electronic Complaint Form Please submit only once per complaint

online and reference that submission on any future correspondence

to our e-mail address: 

Print Consumer Complaint Form 

To fax or mail your complaint form rather than file electronically, select and print the appropriate complaint form below and fax to us at (501) 371-2749, or mail your complaint to us at the address listed above.



Print Health Care Provider Complaint Form