When applying to become either an apprentice funeral director and/or an apprentice embalmer, the following documentation/information MUST be enclosed with the apprenticeship application in order for it to be processed:

  • Check, Cashier's Check  or Money Order for $50.00 (Apprenticeship Application Fee) - payable to the Arkansas Insurance Department
  • A recent color photograph of yourself (driver's license or state ID) - SCAN and e-mail to AID.EFD@arkansas.gov
  • A copy of your High School Diploma (from an accredited high school), a certified transcript with date of graduation, or certificate of equivalency issued by the public school system or the military service, a copy of your diploma received from an accredited college or university, or a certified transcript from an accredited college or university with date of graduation
  • Statement of Apprenticeship for each location (completed,signed and notarized)
  • Apprenticeship Application for each location (apprentice funeral director, apprentice embalmer, or both) (completed, signed and notarized)
  • ASP-122 Form background check - Business check, Cashier's Check or Money Order as a separate fee for $22.00 - payable to the Arkansas Insurance Department

Apprentice Instructions  (PLEASE READ and PRINT)

A.C.A. 17-29-301 - Embalmer Qualifications   (Updated through the 2021 AR Legislative Session)

A.C.A. 17-29-302 - Funeral Director Qualifications  (Updated through the 2021 AR Legislative Session)

A.C.A 23-61-1105 - Embalmers and Funeral Directors

Rule 1, Section 7, Apprenticeship

ASP-122  - Background Check Form

Statement of Apprenticeship

Apprentice Embalmer - Application

Apprentice Funeral Director - Application

Apprenticeship Re-Registration

Intructions    (Please Read)

ASP-122  - Background Check Form

Apprentice Embalmer - Re-Registration Application

Apprentice Funeral Director - Re-Registration Application

Apprenticeship Case Report Forms:

Apprentice Embalmer's Case Report  PDF Fillable form

Apprentice Funeral Director's Case Report  PDF Fillable form

Any omitted item(s) will delay the processing of your apprenticeship application.  If you have any questions regarding the apprenticeship application process please give us a call at either  501-682-0574 or 501-682-0570 or e-mail us at AID.EFD@Arkansas.gov .