Section 17.      Complaints

A.    Complaints concerning violations of statutes or  Board Rules  may be made by the Board itself, through its staff, or by a member of the public.

B.    All complaints shall be  submitted to the Board’s office.

C.    A copy of  any complaint filed will be sent to the licensee or party against whom the complaint has been lodged.

D.    The licensee or other party is to be given fifteen (15) days to respond, in writing, to the allegations of the complainant. Failure to respond and the failure to timely respond to the complaint, are automatic violations.

E.    All complaints and responses shall be typed or written legibly.  All complaints and responses shall also be signed and notarized.

F.    Upon receipt of the response(s), the complaint will be investigated if so warranted.  When appropriate, the Board’s inspector may inspect the establishment against whom the complaint has been filed. 

G.    After any investigation is complete, the Board’s counsel will review the complaint file. 

H.    Board staff will then recommend that the Board either: close the complaint because there is no evidence of violations, set the matter for a hearing, or resolve by another means.

I.     If the Board determines that the matter should be set for a hearing, then an order and notice of hearing will be sent to the licensee(s) or other party(ies) by Certified Mail. 

J.     The licensee or other party and the complainant shall be given twenty (20) days written notice of the time and place of the hearing. Failure to appear at the hearing is an automatic violation.

If you would like to file a complaint against a funeral establishment, embalmer and/or funeral director, please click Complaint Form (Form Fill)  or Complaint Form (Handwritten)