The Liquidation Division manages the day-to-day affairs of the insolvent insurance company estates and pre-paid funeral benefit trusts. This Division acts on behalf of the Arkansas Insurance Commissioner, who is the official Receiver.

Additionally, this Division administers the Arkansas Property and Casualty Guaranty Fund (APCGF), which provides benefits to Arkansas insureds and claimants of insolvent property and casualty insurance companies.

Finally, the Liquidation Division administers the Arkansas Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association (ALHIGA), which does for life and disability insureds and claimants of Arkansas what APCGF does for property and casualty claimants and insureds.

Although the Liquidation Division performs certain functions on behalf of the Arkansas Insurance Commissioner, individuals employed with this division are not employed by the State of Arkansasand are not considered state employees. Additionally, the Liquidation Division does not receive any funding from the State of Arkansas.

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